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The IGA man Dan is well-known for his grocery store and coffee hut in Alexandra Hills. Waking up at 4am every morning, Dan works hard to create a welcoming community environment. His favourite part of his job is seeing the positive engagement he gets with customers. He started the now ‘Hills IGA’ with his loving wife Jacki. They both have three children together and family is at the core of his values. He sees the Redlands as a wonderful place to raise kids and loves that Stradbroke is only a skip, hop and a jump away.
Watch his full interview here: https://youtu.be/KoVNAAtWRTA

Owner of a retirement care solutions business, Savannah compassionately gives back to the community. Her father fought a battle with prostate cancer during the breakdown of two of her marriages. Ultimately her father passed away which left her and her mother to grieve together. This created a drive in her to help elderly people going into retirement. Savannah lived through domestic violence in her second marriage which plagued her life for many years. She bravely got the courage to walk out with her children because “the fear was so great that you knew if you didn’t leave you would’ve lost yourself”. It is fortunate that Savannah had the support from both friends and the “amazing” support from the Redlands police to get away and find peace.

Watch her full interview here: https://youtu.be/k_cYqm2da60

Redlands Mayor Karen Williams has community values at the core of all her actions. Being first generation Australian she tries to stay in touch with her German and Polish heritage. She is passionate about small businesses because they enable you to have your own fingerprints on products. Through her leadership she has navigated the Redlands in a rapidly changing world. Karen appreciates change as she believes, “If you continue to do things the same way all the time you are going to get the same result”. Through her time as Mayor she wants young people celebrate what the Redlands is and the potential it has.

Watch her interview here: https://youtu.be/l2xrFtb7lCU

Creating bright futures for our youth, Linda Grieve is the founder of ‘The Cage Youth Foundation’. A community centred non-for-profit initiative that gives much needed support to young people in the Redlands. Linda and her team visit local schools and skateparks to engage with Youth in the Redlands. They have a home-base in Redland Bay that has free community programs and counselling sessions. Though her initiative she wants young people to notice their worth. Linda is building a strong community and is having a profound impact on young people’s lives.

Video interview coming soon.

Soprano singer Leah Leaver lightens up the Redlands with her voice. She is the youngest person to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts being just 16 years of age. Growing up on Coochie Mudloo Island Leah began her music journey by signing along to Barbie songs with her sister. Her community driven spirit can be seen by just how much she gives back to those around her. She dedicates a large amount of her time signing 50’s style music to dementor patients, ultimately lifting their spirits.  It is no surprise that she received Redlands Young Citizen of the Year award. Releasing her debut album at just 14 it is safe to say Leah has a bright future ahead of her.

Watch her interview here: https://youtu.be/TOvCRAr2dXw

Never shying away from helping others, Kevin spends majority of his time volunteering. He shows compassion through his volunteer work as a professional Santa. Through this he helps supply 60 charities. He also brings joy by acting as Santa Clause for people with Down Syndrome. Kevin is always open to a conversation about mens mental health as he lost his younger brother 12 years ago to suicide. He is passionate about spreading awareness and believes “every day and everyway I am going to get better and better.

View his interview here: https://youtu.be/QzoeN-N5vUA

An avid explorer who spends his weekends riding dirt bikes in the bush. Nine-year-old Aiden shows exemplary leadership skills. His favourite part of the Redlands is the abundance of nature that gives him the opportunity to get active outside. He breaks the typical mould of the technology obsessed youth. Instead he finds joy in being around people face to face. Aiden is aspiring to be the school captain and with his attitude anything is possible.

Watch his full interview here: https://youtu.be/CQxd-dXru0o

President of the Redlands City Chamber of Commerce Lynne Sturges is a fiercely independent woman. She has had a successful career in the male dominated industry of finance. Lynne can be defined in many ways, a single-mother, volunteer and businesswomen are a few to name. The community is at the centre of her life and is passionate about helping people become liberated. In Lynne’s mind “the future of the Redlands is in the hands of the people”. She shows resilience in her everyday life and brings hope to the people of the Redlands.

Watch her full interview here: https://youtu.be/crMj1866NH4

Funeral director Leanne McCartney provides the Redlands community with gracious care for the deceased. She is honoured that she is entrusted by families to look after their loved ones. Leanne was originally a school bus driver but received her calling when her husband sadly passed away in 1991. Working for a big funeral company made her realise the importance of human connection. This inspired her to create a funeral directing company, ‘McCartney Family Funerals’. She has an optimistic outlook on the Redlands community and can’t see herself ever moving away.

Watch her full interview here: https://youtu.be/d-Vap33ALIc

The Redland’s is home to many love stories, including long term resident Louise.  She has spent her entire life living in the Redlands and went to both primary and high school here. Even growing up Louise has always loved the Redlands and has good memories from her youth. It was through her first job she met her now Husband Kelly working at Woolworths as “check out chicks”. Louise is now a mother of two children and has a strong family bond.  Her favourite place to be is by the water spending time with her family.

Watch her interview here: https://youtu.be/Mbil81tQoWg

A hardworking farmer in the Redlands since 1993. Aidrian has worked on three farms in the unique microclimate of the bayside. He is highly praised for his strawberries which are recognised for their authentic taste. Proving that crop grown in the red soil does in fact contain more flavour and nutrients than anywhere in the world. Aidrian is dedicated to farming and works seven days a week for a long twelve hours. In his small amount of time off work he likes to visit the Wellington Point reserve.   

Video interview coming soon.

Living in the Redlands for 39 years, Collette has endeavoured many battles and hardships. She was married and pregnant at 16 years of age and left her husband after an exhausting 15 years. Moving down to the Redlands in 1980, she had to fight hard to prove that as single women she was eligible to own the very house she lived in. Collette has been impacted by more than societal stereotypes. Her life has been plagued by mental illness, but she is no longer silent and commonly speaks out about the debilitating mental illness of Borderline Personality disorder. She finds comfort in the Redlands and hopes to stay here for the remainder of her days.

Watch her interview here: https://youtu.be/wcauprZnTgs

Flower Farmer Sem came to Australia from India in the mid 60’s. He originally started growing vegetables and fruits with his wife. Now he has been growing flowers for 36 years and produces perfect flower crops. Sem works hard but says that the farmer life “treats him good” and is grateful for everything. His favourite flower is carnations because they are a challenge to grow but are easy to maintain for his customers. They have three children that have grown up in the Redlands and are now grandparents. He is proud that he has a little peaceful get away in his farm for his family to visit.

Video interview coming soon.

Boyd arrived in the Redlands in 1940 when he was a child. He has been a witness the rapid change from farmlands to a metropolitan city. The Redlands has given him memories, an education, friends, a family and his loving wife. A simplistic yet beautiful love story, meeting his wife playing a game of cricket down at Wellington Point when they were both younger. In his youth his Saturdays were consumed with watching the latest films at the neighbours or drinking and dancing and the local pub. His favourite part of the Redlands community is the bowls club, of which he is a founding member.

Video interview coming soon.

Supporting men in a time when they need it the most, Roderic Macdonald is the organiser of the Men’s Shed initiative. It is an outreach and community hub for elderly men to come and work physically in a shed. Roderic understood that during the transition to retirement the first thing to leave a man is his workspace. The shed gives men the opportunity to not only continue to develop skills but to socialise. This is crucial to mens mental health and enables them to feel they have a space in the community to feel valued. Through Roderic’s compassion he is changing elderly mens life for the better.

Video interview coming soon.

Lifelong resident of the Redlands Marie grew up on what use to be farmland. Her father came to the Redlands when he was 18 when the Redlands was just a country town. She has positive memories from her simplistic childhood. A youth experience without cars or technology, she grew up relying on public transport. The landscape of the Redlands has rapidly changed during Lyn’s time. Although she recognises progress is necessary, she wants people to still have space to feel the bayside breeze.

Watch their full interview here: https://youtu.be/ZDoo6fjC71g

Moving from India two years ago, Prahbjot has immersed herself in the Redlands community. Prahbjot is an upbeat person who’s favourite thing to do is make friends. She moved here with her husband who she met in India who she is married to by choice. This is not following the rules of her religion, but she believes you have to know a person first. Her passion is in childcare because she loves seeing her students faces light up. She loves the Redlands for the community and describes the people here as generous, kind and hardworking.

Video interview coming soon.

Owner of Coco Rose Interiors, fifo wife and mother of four children. Petria grew up locally on Mclay Island. She started travelling at a young age by living overseas in England when she was just 17 years old. She has a worldly vision and business mindset which inspired her to create Coco Rose Interiors. To establish her business, she took a risk and moved to Indonesia for a year with her husband. Petria has lived in many countries but always manages to find her way back to the Redlands. This is because she loves our community for its affordable house prices and bayside living.

Watch her full interview here: